Every year I make a serious effort to save money so I can take a birthday trip in May. Sometimes I spend it with family, friends or complete strangers, and this year is no different!

After working some extra hours in the TV industry last month (on top of my Social Media job) I used my paycheque to directly fund my 27th birthday trip. And I’m thrilled to announce that this year…

I’ll be spending it in beautiful Ecuador and the Galapagos with Intrepid Travel!

To say this trip is going to be epic is an understatement. This is one destination that some people could only dream of visiting and I’m soooo lucky and thrilled to be ringing in my 27th birthday there.

I’ll be following the footsteps of Charles Darwin and discovering what makes the Galapagos archipelago such a fascinating geological and wildlife region. Not only is this my first time in South America, but it will also be my first time on an Intrepid Travel trip! (I’ve only experienced their 1-Day Urban Adventures in the past).

I know most people think of the incredible wildlife when they think of the Galapagos, but this recent project called Living Galapagos by a group of Journalism students completely changed my perception. Definitely worth the time to watch these short films.

But back to the islands!

Some highlights of the trip will include:

  • hanging out at a Flamingo Lagoon
  • seeing the second largest volcanic crater in the world at Sierra Negra Volcano
  • snorkeling at Concha Perla with sealions, sea turtles, and more
  • checking out the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center
  • exploring the Otavalo Market (biggest Indian market in South America)

I can’t wait!!

Stay tuned for videos from this amazing and epic adventure!!!