As someone who works in Social Media, I have a lot of people asking me for advice on the best ways to market themselves and most often times they think that by simply setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account, all of their business woes will be answered. Contrary to what people may think, you need to earn those likes and engage people to want to stay there.

Most importantly, you need to think outside of the box and come up with creative ways to market yourself and your product to stand out from the rest. Bring in my friend Gavin Slate.

Gavin and I went to University together where I soon discovered his musical talents as a singer/songwriter. I remember showing up to see him play in small bars in Toronto with friends and enjoying his tunes for years. Since then, Gavin has travelled to places like Dallas to play shows and get his music out there.

During the recent NXNE festival here in Toronto, Gavin took an unconventional (and brilliant) marketing tactic to get his name and music out to the public by making himself part of Starbucks ‘Pick of the Week’ campaign:

In addition to serving up coffee (and delicious Green Matcha Frappuccino’s) Starbucks has weekly giveaway cards featuring a free music track or app for people to download, highlighted as a “pick of the week.” Gavin took matters into his own hands and printed up 1,000 cards mimicking the company’s style, featuring his picture and song “Life of a Salesman,” and placed them in many of the coffee chain’s locations all over the city.

So I thought, why not spread his message a little further?

I’m fortunate enough to have a job that takes me all over the world, and if there’s one thing I always see along my travels, it’s a Starbucks chain. So on my recent trip to NYC, I brought some of Gavin’s cards along and filmed my experience spreading his music to the NYC community:

I live-tweeted my experience as well and as it turns out, one my photos from Times Square has actually become the face of his campaign.

I love the power of Social Media because at the end of the day, the community tells you what success looks like. Big kudos to Gavin; I couldn’t be more proud of you and I look forward to seeing more opportunities come your way!

To hear more from Gavin check out his website and be sure to ‘like’ his fanpage to see his journey continue and stay posted on live shows.