For those who missed My Ode to the Caesar’s 40th Birthday last summer, basically I’m obsessed with this cocktail. Known to many Canadians as the hangover cure, this cocktail is my staple summer drink at the Cottaggio and a perfect patio drink.

When I recently travelled to Australia I was heartbroken to discover they don’t sell Clamato juice there. The only thing close to a Caesar was a Bloody Mary. I tried… but it doesn’t even compare! We had an Aussie friend visiting Canada who asked us if we’d like anything brought back. My Canadian friends and I jumped up in excitement and said ‘CLAMATO JUICE!’  She looked at us funny… but alas our mate pulled through and showed up at a party in Melbourne with two beautiful Motts jugs in hand.

Which lead to this… An Ode to the Caesar:

Did you know that more than 350 million Caesars are enjoyed by Canadians each year?
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