Not sure if you’ve been following lately, but I’ve recently started a new job with Flight Centre as their Social Media Specialist for Canada. Merely a week into the job and I’m already on a plane to Brisbane to meet the rest of the global team.

I scored a business class seat to Brisbane and not gonna lie… it made the 14hr plane ride an enjoyable one. Big shout out to Qantas for hooking us up :)

I wasted no time upon arrival and spent the day exploring the city and doing some shopping at Queen Plaza- prob the best outdoor mall I’ve seen yet. I also can’t believe how well this city has recovered from the floods. I thought it would have smelled and the clean up would have been intense, but most of the streets are in good shape and I only saw a few buildings that were still cleaning out their basement levels.

Over the next 24 hrs my team started to assemble as the other ‘blog babes’ flew in from their respective countries. Was really worried about Anele who was flying in from NZ literally the day after the earthquake, but luckily she wasn’t in Christchurch at the time. It was great to see my new workplace step up and donate $1mil to the disaster relief fund. They didn’t even think twice.

Once the team was assembled we had our first big meeting together at Flight Centre headquarters in Brisbane. Got some goodies including a signed copy of Scott Stratten’s book Unmarketing and a special video message from him (thanks again Scott!)

I’m really excited to be part of a global team and I can’t wait to introduce you to all of them. I’m currently editing videos which will go up next week. Stay tuned! These are some serious blog babes coming your way ;)