The Day I Decided to Jump from a Plane in Sydney, Australia

An Ode to Australia

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Must-Do’s in Melbourne

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Five Things I Love About Tasmania

The Ultimate Beach Hunt: Part 2

If you didn’t read Part 1 of my Ultimate Beach Hunt, I basically made it my duty to scope out as many beaches as I could while living in Sydney, Australia.

I spent three months living in North Bondi, and one my favourite things to do was wake up at sunrise and go for a run along […]

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Blogging in Brisbane

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Happy Australia Day!

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What I Ate With My Mate

I love creating it. Reading it, but most of all sharing it.
After recently travelling Australia for six months, I’ve started writing for various websites including Travel with a Mate, MTV Fora, Chickadvisor, and of course here on this blog. But what I love most- is meeting all these other great people producing content as well. I’m […]

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