Geeking out at Google

I can officially die an extremely happy person. Why? Because I have experienced Google headquarters in all of it’s glory. What brings me here? Work! I know I say this often, but…I LOVE MY JOB. I flew into San Francisco with the Flight Centre global Social Media team and we were like little kids in […]

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Waking up in San Francisco

I went to bed in Honolulu and woke up in San Francisco.

It feels good to be back here. It was this time last year I was here with @KicktheGrind travelling through California. Now I’m here #geekingSFO with the Flight Centre Global Social Media team and meeting some brilliant peeps. Went to Salesforce/Radian6 yesterday and […]

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It was this time last year that I found myself blogging my way through San Francisco for the Best Travel Job Ever with Flight Centre.

Flash forward one year later and I’m now doing Social Media for that very same company. It’s crazy how life unfolds sometimes and I absolutely love what it’s throwing my way.

In […]

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Farewell Cali

Well, it’s only the beginning of a long-term relationship I’m sure, but after a spending my final days in LA- my Best Travel Job Ever road trip has come to an end. I never thought I would like LA- but it’s not so bad after all. (Still not a place I’d like to live)- […]

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Blog Babes Cruisin’ Down the PCH

It’s been two days now of enjoying the beautiful scenery of the California Coastline. From sunsets to surfer boys, the Pacific Coast Highway has everything to offer and more.

If you’re ever planning on doing this trip, take your time! Trying to rush this drive in merely a day wouldn’t do it justice. After Mike […]

The California Coast

After enjoying a beautiful weekend in sunny San Francisco, Mike and I are hitting the road to drive down the Pacific Coast highway to LA.

We picked up our rental car thanks to our dear friends at Alamo, packed some food, and our freshly charged cameras with no idea what we were in for.

Boy am I […]

Hitting the Road: Cali style

The time has finally come for me to embark on my Best Travel Job Ever journey. Long story short, I won a sweet blogging competition and am currently embarking on my California adventure.

It all starts here in San Francisco.

I experienced everything from Black Friday to walking the Golden Gate Bridge. Mike and I are […]

California Lovin’

Most of you that have been following me the past few months would know that I’ve been involved in this crazy cool competition called the ‘Best Travel Job Ever’ by Flight Centre. Despite finding out about it a month into it (and on the other side of the world in Australia) it seemed like […]