When most people travel to Australia, they opt to do the three R’s (The Road, The Rock and The Reef) and travel up the Gold Coast to sail the Whitsundays. Now I have nothing against doing these things (My Great Ocean Road Experience is one I will never forget) but I made a promise to myself that when I came out here I would do and see more than the popular tourist attractions.

Which brought me here, to the beautiful state of Tasmania…


I’m going to go ahead a say that Tassie is one of the most underrated places to travel in Australia. Not many people make it out here (not even Aussies). But as a Canadian, I immediately connected with everything this beautiful place had to offer.

Seriously, put aside all the bad things you’ve heard about Tassie people.I’m serious when I say I’d love to retire in the city of Hobart.

So with that I give you the 5 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT TASSIE


5) The Landscape


Very similar to Vancouver, when you fly into Hobart you see a stunning city surrounding with lush green mountains and sitting right on the water. This island is relatively unspoiled with 45% of the land being reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites.



4) The Food

Oh my God, the food! The freshest seafood, the tastiest cheese (I highly recommend hitting Bruny Island and trying the Otto wrapped in Proscuitto) and wine that will make your pallet very happy.



3) The Cascade Brewery


The Oldest Brewery in Australia. For merely $20 you get the most interesting tour, beer tasting, and true appreciation for a building with so much history.


2) Wineglass Bay


A beautiful place on the east coast of Tassie and about a 2.5hr drive from Hobart. As if the drive itself wasn’t amazing enough, (minus the ridiculous roadkill count) seeing the view from the top of the lookout makes the 40min leg burning climb completely worth it.


1) The Salamanca Markets

Every Saturday in the city of Hobart, local businesses set up shop selling everything from fresh food to beautiful pieces of art. My favourite part was all the local musicians who played throughout the day. Tassie is also the only place where Huon Pine is grown, so you’ll find lots of cute cheese platters and rolling pins made from this sexy looking wood. I also found the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life at a cafe called Tricycle.


So do yourself a favour and put Tasmania on your ‘Not to be missed’ places when you visit Australia. Getting here was ridiculously easy. I found a $19 flight with Jetstar from Melbourne to Hobart and it was only a one hour plane ride away. #yourewelcome