I can officially die an extremely happy person. Why? Because I have experienced Google headquarters in all of it’s glory. What brings me here? Work! I know I say this often, but…I LOVE MY JOB. I flew into San Francisco with the Flight Centre global Social Media team and we were like little kids in a candy store. From the Google earth installments to the incredible company culture, this is hands down the coolest company to work for. The ROI on what Google puts into it’s employees is definitely apparent.


Had some meetings to talk about Google+, Youtube, the future of Social Media and online marketing. Got a lot out of it and always enjoy bouncing ideas off of our Global team. It’s amazing what can flourish when a bunch of creative minds from different countries come together to brainstorm and Google was the perfect environment for that to happen.

Today is our last day in San Francisco, and we’re spending it at NextSpace which is an awesome place to get group work done.

Big thanks to everyone who followed our adventures on Twitter and offered great recommendations of things to see, eat, drink and experience. Huge shout out to Spencer Spellman – it was great to talk Social media and travel with you and I hope you can come to Toronto to visit soon!

Cheers and Happy Travels everyone!