The time has finally come for me to embark on my Best Travel Job Ever journey. Long story short, I won a sweet blogging competition and am currently embarking on my California adventure.

It all starts here in San Francisco.

I experienced everything from Black Friday to walking the Golden Gate Bridge. Mike and I are also having way to much fun filming it.

This city is so easy to fall in love with. As a Torontonian I connect many similarities between the two. But hands down, SFO knows where it’s at when it comes to public spaces.

Whether you’re in the financial district or roaming Golden Gate park, there is art everywhere. It reminds me a lot of Melbourne, especially with all the awesome bike lanes and effective use of alleyways.

That being said, I don’t know how the eff the locals manage to bike up these crazy hills in the first place. The amount of shin splints I’ve developed just from walking up and down them was hard enough. You can obviously count on me to post a video on this topic alone.

 Is this your secret to staying so young and fit San Francisco? Losing my breathe just to get to my hotel was funny the first day…

Good thing I’m staying at a frickin palace. Big thanks to Gregg from Flight Centre and GoGo Vacations for the hook up :) This place is rockin’.

It’s been a huge learning experience travelling with another blogger. Mike and I have beenposting photos, cutting together video clips and helping each other shoot photos and videos which is nice for a change when you’re used to being a one man show.

We’ve also discovered this great iphone app to help us navigate the city called SF Way and it’s absolutely FREE to download! It uses location services to tell you everything from where the closest WIFI spot is to where to party at night. Do yourself a favour and download this thing if you ever come here. It’s the future.