Before I headed off to the Galapagos, I was approached by the team at, a website funded by SunLife Financial which shares ideas about money, health and family. As part of their Savour Summer campaign, they reached out to bloggers to help share some ideas on travel and asked me if I would be interested in sharing some of my packing tips.

The timing couldn’t have worked out better because we shot the video piece the day I had to pack for the Galapagos.

I worked closely with the team at HighRoad Communications who represent SunLife and they were an absolute joy to work with. The girls and I hit it off so well that day and we were so productive in getting things done.

I think they were relieved to discover that I’ve worked in the tv production industry for years, so having to ask me to demonstrate things a few different times from various angles was like second nature to me.

I’m so thrilled with how cute my video turned out and you can check out the full article on their website: What to Pack: Tips from a Globetrotting Traveller



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