One thing you may or may not know about me, is that I spent six months living in Australia. After spending 3 months in Sydney, I packed up my life and headed for Melbourne. The moment I arrived, I immediately felt a different vibe from Sydney. It reminds me of a mix between Toronto, Montreal and New York, but still unique in it’s own way.

Melbourne has so much to offer; from the shopping to the patio scene, and the incredible architecture on virtually every corner… It’s definitely more of an artsy vibe. It’s also much more multicultural compared to Sydney- but alas has far less beaches (le sigh).

My awesome Melbourne friends took me into their sweet pad in Brunswick. The lofts here are unrivaled and essentially old railway factories turned into living spaces. I’ve put together a list of things to do upon settling in, and as you can see I kept it simple:


On a side note- Melbourne is much more cycle friendly since the land is generally flat and easy to navigate. There are bike lanes and paths virtually everywhere – Toronto has so much to learn from this city.

Having nothing but time on my hands, I saw and did as much as I could in this beautiful city and would like to share with you my Top 5 favourite spots, or as I like to call it, ‘The Must’s Do’s in Melbs’



Located at the heart of the city in Federation Square, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image is a museum dedicated to the film, television and digital culture.

My professor Dana Lee would be proud to hear that I spend hours upon hours in this place watching films, reading about television and playing with all the interactive toys. If you’re ever in Melbourne, you MUST check this place out. Did I mention it’s FREE?!


2) Rooftop Cinema

This place is exactly what it claims to be; a cinema on a roof overlooking the city of Melbourne. During the day it’s a sweet outdoor patio with comfy chairs and synthetic grass for sitting on. When the sun sets however, this place turns into an outdoor cinema showcasing arthouse, classic and recent release films in a completely unique and urban environment.

If you go, try the Cider on ice…so freshing.


3) Victoria Market

I kid you not when I say I looked forward to going here every week to buy fresh food. Very similar to the St. Lawrence market in my hometown Toronto, this place has everything you need at completely affordable prices. I’ve discovered that if you go an hour or so before they close, they bring all their prices down which keeps a traveller like me fed for an entire week on merely $20. #realtalk


4) Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Melbourne, Australia - Fitzroy

The ‘Queen West’ of Melbourne (a reference for my Toronto friends) this street is lined with cafes, tea shops, and cute boys wearing flannel. This was my favourite place to spend a hangover. Nothing like an all day breakfast, some tea and some shopping (for men) to brighten my day :)


5) St. Kilda

It would be an absolute crime to come to Melbourne and not head down to the Esplanade/ Acland St. The shopping is incredible with outlet stores that will make any shopaholic’s eyes light up and restaurants that will have you questioning everything you’ve ever eaten before it.


But this is only scratching the surface on what this city has to offer. If you’ve ever been here and have any other recommendations, feel free to comment below! I am happy to report that I’ve checked off everything on my list and most importantly living the last one truthfully :)