It’s amazing how fast a year goes by. It seems like just yesterday I was rounding up my Top 10 Instagram photos of 2012. This year, I took a bit of a different approach with my Instagram account by posting less often, but sharing more insightful images and short stories from around the world. I’ve also experimented with various photo apps and will admit I probably spend more time finding ‘the right’ filter than I should. Nonetheless, it’s still a creative outlet and I’m so lucky to have a job that takes me (literally) around the world.


Since I’m a Social Media Specialist, it’s my job to geek out over analytics and study patterns of what engages people. I love playing with Statigram to not only look back at my past year, but get some interesting stats like where my followers are from, talk rate, spread rate and more. At the end of the day, I’ve discovered that most successful or ‘popular’ images are the ones that create an emotion in people. There are obviously lots of variables as to what deems an image to be popular (time posted, hashtags used etc) so rather than round up my most popular photos, I’m simply picking my favourite ones from 2013. I hope it inspires you to get out there and capture our beautiful planet too!


Taking in the view from the top of Table Mountain in Capetown:



Visiting the New Hope Childrens Centre in Kenya:


Meeting the locals in Trastevere, Italy. A trip I took on my birthday to retrace my family history: 


Snapshots from Istanbul, Turkey:


Kayaking in Deep Cove, British Columbia:  


Becoming a first time Aunt to this beauty:


My Happy Place: high above the clouds


Reconnecting with the ocean in Miami:


Playing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta:


Road tripping to Detroit: