When I was 25, I embarked on a pretty epic birthday trip visiting five different cities in two weeks. Ever since then, I’ve made a promise to myself to ring in each year in a completely new destination. From Australia to South America, I’ve met some incredible people and had some pretty amazing experiences. Last year, I rang in my 27th birthday in the Galapagos, (and really how the hell do you top that?!)

But I feel like at some point in our lives, we have this innate curiosity about where we come from that we need answered. I’ve spent a lot of time recently with my 85 year old grandfather who has so many stories to tell of his past. In fact, I’ve started making a film about it.

But these stories need images… so this year I’m setting out to capture them.

I’ve decided to spend my 28th birthday discovering my homeland in Italy and walking the same cobblestoned streets my grandfather once walked. I don’t really have a set agenda and with just over a week until my flight takes off, I’m not in the least bit worried. In fact, I’m excited. The only thing that matters to me on this trip is my camera gear, and doing my best to learn as much Italian before I go. The rest can be figured out as I go. That’s the beauty of travelling right?

Right now the general ‘plan’ is to fly into Rome, spend a few days there and then head south east to the Puglia region visiting small towns, then work my way over to Naples, and up the coast back to Rome. Internet will be far and few between and I couldn’t be more excited to unplug. Since I work in a job that requires me to be online every day, it’s liberating to just shut everything off, get outside and explore what our incredible world has to offer.

It’s reason enough for me to save up money every year to do it, and it’s a story I hope to inspire others to do as well. Every day I hear so many excuses from friends, family and even complete strangers about why they CAN’T travel. So my mission is to help people start discovering how they CAN and why they NEED to make it happen. From money-saving tips, to interviewing other globetrotters, I’ve decided to make a short film called ‘Finding your Why‘.  It will dig deep into stories from people who have found theirs, and of course tell the journey of how I found mine.

This trip is really the beginning of a project that will take years to complete. But it’s something I need to do on this path towards self-discovery.


Let the journey begin shall we?