Went to the launch party for Museum Secrets and had such a fantastic time. Aside from meeting all the wonderful people who work behind the scenes at Kensignton TV, it was so nice to be able to sit down with the Executive Producer Robert Lang as well as the Director David Langer, to talk about their travel experiences and what it was like to shoot in some of the most iconic Museums around the world.


Found out from David that he also teaches at Ryerson University and even taught for my program a few years ago (but unfortunately I just missed him by a year). He was such a great guy and is exactly like he is here in this behind the scenes video:

If you live in Canada do yourself a favour and skip Jersday to watch this show on the History Channel; Thursdays at 10pm (Jersey Shore is lame and I promise your brain will love you better for this one). You can also go online and check out all the cool stuff they have on their website.


It was so cool to see the editors in action (this show has amazing animation by the way) and mingle with TV peeps again. I’ve always loved working in TV and surrounding myself with creative minds. It was so good to bust out the camera again too. I feel like it’s been ages!


Big thanks to Mike of @KicktheGrind for being my camera man that night. Stay tuned for my interviews in a couple of days.