Meet my new friend Alberthram:

Grootbos Nature Guide

I met this warm soul in South Africa and soon discovered that he comes from a family of fisherman who have been living in the Gansbaai region since 1826. A former fisherman himself, it’s easy to see that Alberthram has a real love and passion for nature and the outdoors.

And with a view like this everyday, how could you complain?

south africa scenery

I first met Alberthram shortly after arriving at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve where he greeted me in the front lobby with a big smile. After checking in, I was handed a list of activities I could sign up for during my stay with them. He mentioned the cave walk he was leading would be departing in 10 minutes and I was more than welcome to join. Without even a second thought, I dropped my bags, threw on a change of clothes, and was off.

Myself and 6 other people were driven 5 minutes down the street to Gansbaai, where Alberthram showcased his knowledge of the area and shared it’s many secrets with us. His humorous commentary and intriguing tales painted pictures in my mind of what life was like in those caves 80,000 years ago.

Gansbaai, South Africa

While bringing the landscape to life, he noticed my camera and shared his love for photography with me. Immediately I was pleased to find a photo playmate, and we experimented with taking all types of photos inside those caves.

Walker Bay caves in Gansbaai

After taking in the history and breathtaking landscape around us at Walker Bay, we headed up to a beach house that overlooks the bay and enjoyed a glass of champagne as whales waved hello to us during sunset.

Gansbaai, South Africa

At this point I had to pinch myself. Life was too good to be true and it was only day one.

Walker Bay South Africa

South africa


For more information on things to see and do in the Walker Bay area, visit the Grootbos blog and stay tuned for more stories and videos from my South African adventure!