Imagine a week without cell phone service; where you survive with only what you are carrying in your backpack. You depend on Mother Nature to provide you with water sources like creeks and streams to keep you hydrated. You wait for the tides to go down so that you can hike along the ocean floor. You set up camp everyday in a completely new place, and meet travellers from all over the world who have come to experience this as well.

This summer I had a chance to hike the beautiful West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island with the good people at BCA Tours. Together we hiked over 75km of challenging terrain, spent time with the Ditidaht and Pacheedaht First Nations, hiked alongside Humpback and Great White Whales, climbed about 50 (leg burning) ladders, and crossed approximately 120 bridges. To say the experience was life-changing would be an understatement, so I’ll let the video speak for itself.


Stay tuned for my complete Guide to hiking the West Coast Trail, as well as my packing guide!