I’m always up for trying outdoor activities, and after recently moving to BC my options are endless. You can pretty much assume that when it’s raining in the city, it’s dumping powder on the mountains. Having never snowshoed before, my friends took me up to Cypress Mountain (a mere 20 minute drive from Vancouver) for a day of playing in the snow. I jumped at the chance to layer up and strap on those snowshoes, since this was a big bucketlist item of mine.

The outcome? If you asked me halfway through the hike, I would have said it was brutal trekking up some of those steep hills. Yet despite the gruelling leg burn, I pushed passed it and told myself to suck it up. Despite the fact that it was too foggy to see the epic view of Vancouver from the top of the mountain, mother nature decided to reward us with some friendly Whiskey Jack birds who ate cashews out of our hands, and a beautiful snowfall.

The best part of the day? Sliding back down the mountain on a magic carpet. It made me feel like a kid again and I honestly believe that being playful even as an adult is the best therapy you can give yourself. Watch the video to find out what I mean:

If you’re thinking about snowshoeing and have a steep mountain to climb, be sure to bring a magic carpet or plastic bag to slide down it when you’re done. It makes the climb all worth it and well, it’s just fun to be a kid again :)